11 Jan 2012

Peanut Cookies

Chinese New Year is coming, almost every home will make traditional cookies or their own creative chinese new year's cookies, it make me remember my mom's cookies, my mom like to make peanut cookies, when I was not married yet, I always help her, I find a website with this recipe, actually it's easy to make too, one thing that I don't like is I need to roast the peanut and I can not buy the made ready roasted peanut, my mom want to make her own roasted peanut, you know when you roast the peanut, you will get hot and wet, but you can not run away and left it there, you will need to keep stirring, or it will burnt. Below the recipe is adapted from TheFoodSite.net.

 For more photo to view please visit Chines New Year's Peanut Cookies.

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Leovi said...

These cookies must be delicious.

Aliz said...

I am still learning how to make cookies,hope I can make one of these someday.



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