4 Jan 2012

Homemade Fu Zhou Noodle

On New Year Eve, that is 31st December last year 2011, after we came back from Singapore, we went to hawker center, I order Fu Zhou Noodle, I never eat it before, but I know it a long time, just the word Fu Zhou Noodle, so I want to try it, so I order Fu Zhou Noodle, the taste is same as the homemade egg noodle, but the texture will be more soft, what is the different between the ingredient of egg noodle and fu zhou noodle is tapioca starch and when all ingredient mix up together, it's in pancake mixture, not in dough mixture. I found this Fu Zhou Noodle from So.Moo.Recipes.

 Recipe Adapted From So.Moo

For more photo to view please visit Fu Zhou Noodle.

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