16 Feb 2012

Cupcakes | Cocktails Recipes

Making cupcakes to celebrate the Valentine's Day is the great way to show your love to your loves one, Red Velvet Cupcakes from GloriousTreats.blogspot.com are a classic treat that everyone like to bake it. How about not the classic way, just bake it with your favorites flavor like Peanut Butter and jelly cupcakes from Annies-Eats.com, Vegan Blood Orange Cupcakes from ShaunaSever.com or Kiwi Lychee Cupcakes from CupCakeBlog.com. May be you like to use special ingredient to save your time that is Diet Soda Cupcakes from TasteArkansas.com,

I found A Collection Of Jello Shots Recipes from BakedBree.com, you can save or print the recipe from Tablespoon.com. Want some more cocktail recipes, Tablespoon's Cocktail Recipes is waiting for you.

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10 Feb 2012

Valentine's Day Drink Recipe

Do you like cocktail, I found some cocktail recipes. Let's we start from the Shakin and Bakin Foodie Blog of Shelly showing you how to make cocktail by using VOGA Italia wines, Grab the recipes today from Shelly's Blog. Here is the link:

Sparkling Anti-Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes from VOGA Italia

 Another one is The Martini Diva's Blog, you can find some recipe of cocktail and others recipes instead. You also can download her recipe card and save it in your computer. I grab one of it.

The Martini Diva's Blog

 If you like to learn how to mix your own cocktail, you may also look from PopArtDiva 's cocktail tips and trick(Martini website too).

 Cocktail's Tips and Tricks

 At Last, Glitter Gloss Garbage come out some cocktail recipes that you will like, She using Pom and Nuvo to make this great cocktail for you. Visit her site:

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

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8 Feb 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

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