26 Nov 2011

Homemade Egg Noodle Recipes

My daughter love to eat noodles, she doesn't like to eat rice, so sometime I buy noodle from store, so I can cook soup at home to make her a bowl of noodles soup, now I would like to try to make noodles myself, so I search for homemade noodles through from the net, this is what I found from this website, recipe of homemade egg noodle, and I scrap it recipe card.

For more detail, please visit:
Homemade Egg Noodle Recipes
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Kim, USA said...

What I don't like is kneading. I tasted fresh homemade noodles and it is has an excellent taste. ^_^ Happy weekend!

Seow wei said...

Yes me too, I am thinking of should I buy a noodle machine, where can I buy noodle machine, hahaha...



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