27 Oct 2011

Recipe: Salmon Rolls - Recipes - Food & Drink - Expatriate Lifestyle

Yesterday I bought salmon fillet from Tesco, I bought two pieces of salmon fillet, and I had cook one of salmon fillet, I just steam it and stir-fried some onion and purple cabbage. I want to cook it in different way of salmon, so let searching. Here I find a recipe called Salmon Roll. Let see below:

Recipe: Salmon Rolls - Recipes - Food & Drink - Expatriate Lifestyle
Recipe adapted from Expatriate Lifestyle

Serves approximately 8

1 sliced fresh loaf of either white or brown bread
½ of a side of sliced smoked salmon
100g butter
Chopped parsley to decorate
Cut the crusts off the bread. Use a rolling pin to flatten the bread slices slightly. Butter each piece and top with smoked salmon, leaving a small border around the edges. Then roll each piece of bread up lengthways like a Swiss roll. Cover the rolls with cling film and chill in refrigerator for about 30 minutes or longer. Before serving cut each piece of bread into approx 4 pieces, arrange on serving platter cut side uppermost and sprinkle with chopped parsley. These are perfect for an afternoon tea party or drinks party.

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