22 Jul 2010

I found another great blog called FatmumBaking - Yogurt Cake

I like this recipe and found this recipe from FatmumBaking, I hope you would like it too.
I get from it:
Recipe from ( 5 个不失败甜点方程式,by上田悦子)

Middle Eastern Style Yogurt, Plain Yogurt (dana) 2lbYogurt Cake

200gm cake flour

1tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

150gm sugar ( can be reduced to 120)

200g original flavor yogurt

1 egg

some rasins (I omitted this and replaced with the fruits at the top)

100gm unsalted butter (melted @40-45c)


1) Grease tin, lay layer of baking paper at base. Toss with flour and remove excess flour

2) mix egg & yogurt

3) add sugar, flour (sieved with BP & BS), add raisins and mix.

4) add melted butter and blend with hand whisk

5) ready to bake

* Her original recipe uses 2 nos of 14 x 23cm tin which yield very tin layer of cake. She baked at 180c & baked for 4~5mins till top turn golden brown. Covered with foil and baked for another 2mins. Cut into 8 equal slices and each slice 148kcal.

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