28 Jun 2008

Kebab (Souvlaki Cyprus style)

Cyprus style Souvlaki is very easy to do and very tasty. By having control of your charcoal you can have an excellent hot appetizer or a full meal. Souvlaki in Cyprus is made with either pork or lamb. Lamb meat is tastier and more nutritious. Part of the tastiness and success is using some of the lamb’s tail fat which is placed on the skewer among the meat. When the fat starts melting will give the meat a nice aroma and prevent it from drying out.


Lamb or Pork
Tomatoes & Cucumbers
Lamb’s tail fat
Salt & pepper

Finely chopped onion
Fresh lemon
Finely chopped parsley
Greek pita bread

Yogurt dip (talaturi) or Tzatziki

Cut lamb and tail fat in small pieces, about an inch in cubes. Put on skewers and in between the meat add some tail fat. Cook on low heat charcoal until fat is melted and the meat is nice and cooked. Season it with salt and pepper as it cooks and almost at the end.

Place souvlaki in a dish, sprinkle with chopped onions and chopped parsley, garnish on the side with chopped tomato, cucumber, fresh cut lemon, yogurt dip (talaturi) or tzatziki, pita bread cooked on charcoal and bon app├ętit!

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