12 Dec 2011

Papaya Milk

 I love papaya milk, I always do it myself a big cup and share it with my daughter, here is the recipe I found from Micky's Favorite Taiwanese Recipes: Papaya Milk. In the recipe, it's use sugar, but I didn't use sugar, if your papaya is sweet enough, you no need the sugar any more, if your papaya is not sweet enough, you may take her suggestion to put a scoop of vanila ice cream on top, it is really make your papaya milk a rich creamy taste. This is my papaya milk without vanila ice cream on top, photo below:

Oh, I forgot to say that I didn't put the ice cube too, I place whole papaya and milk into refrigerator, so the papaya and milk are cool enough, I just take out my papaya (cut it in cubed) and milk from refrigerator, and blend it together, that's it.

Recipe Adapted from Micky Recipes

1 cup cubed, extra ripe papaya
1 cup milk
2 cups of ice cubes
2 Tablespoons sugar

Put the papaya into the blender with the milk and blend on medium~high.
Slowly pour in the sugar.
Blend until smooth and serve.

Serve immediately after making it, or it will become chunky.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Typically, Taiwanese deserts are not very sweet. You can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the papaya milk and it will give it a rich creamy taste!

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Leovi said...

must be very rich Papaya Milk, I think that Spain is difficult to find papaya. Greetings.

HansHB said...

It looks very good!

Eden said...

Love to try it. thank you for sharing the recipe.



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