23 Dec 2010

Maple Butternut Squash Soup

Maple Butternut Squash Soup

Maple Squash Soup
Farmer's Market Foods Organic Butternut Squash, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)1 butternut squash, cut up into 1-2 inch chunks
1 onion, sliced
1 T butter or olive oil
2 cups chicken broth

Saute onions in about 1 T of butter over medium heat until soft and slightly caramelized, about 5-8 minutes. Add squash and broth and bring to a boil. Cook at medium heat for about 15 minutes, or until squash is soft. If you have a hand blender, use the hand blender to puree the soup. Otherwise, in small portions, blend in a traditional blender. Add maple syrup and salt to taste. Serve hot.

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