18 Sep 2010


September 22nd 2010 is Mid-Autumn Festival / Zhongqiu Festival. Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea

Here is the recipe of mooncakes I find it from FatMumBaking. 

Sheng Kee 12 Small Assorted Moon Cake with Tea Flavored (2010)

Custard Charcoal Pingpi Mooncakes 奶皇黑炭冰皮月饼

Recipe adapted from Y3K cookbook 冰皮月饼

80g cooked glutinous flour
30g cooked corn flour (I used cooked plain flour)
40g icing sugar (I used 35g)
30g shortening, 30g liquid glucose (I used corn syrup)
125-150ml water (I used ice water)
Custard filling
Set (D) (mixed together and strained the liquid)
40g custard powder (Sieved)
10g milk powder (Sieced) (No milk powder I replace with creamer)
125g fresh milk, 50g water ( I used UHT milk)
Set (E)
40g sugar ( I used 35g)
20g butter, 1/4 t vanilla essence

1) Skin: combine (A) & (B) together. Add (C) and knead into smooth dough
2) cover dough and rest in fridge for an hr or overnight
3) Custard filling: Combine (D) & add (E) into a pot. Cook over low heat, stirring at all time till thickened.
4) turn off heat add (F). Mix well. Set aside to cool
5) Start to mould.
Note from book: This recipe is for mould that can hold 50gms. Always work on the ration of 60% skin weight and 40% filling weight. Do not overwork on the skin else it will toughen. ( My ratio is slightly different 50%)



70g cooked plain flour
100g cooked glutinous rice flour
30g shortening
170g strawberry juice/milk ( I used 185g mango pureen with mango juice)
100g icing sugar ( I used 80g)
cooked glutinous rice flour for dusting and coating
~ mix in a bowl, knead to smooth, wrap in food cling. Refrigerate for 15mins

120g Strawberry jelly/blueberry juice ( I used mango pureen)
12g sugar
7g corn flour
14g water
~boil juice and sugar in pot. Add corn flour water and stir till boiling. Pour in flat basin and refrigerate to coagulate. Upon coagulation, cut into cube

Green Bean Paste
200g Crosscut green bean
40g oil
80g sugar
12g corn flour
20g water
~ cook green bean itll soft, press into sieve to make it to smooth bean paste
~ stir fry bean paste with oil in low heat till thick. Add sugar to fry again
~cooked until it is firm and corn flour water and stir fry. set aside to cool

Cheese filling
350g green bean paste from above
50g icing sugar
~soften cream cheese in room temperature. Add bean paste and icing sugar, stir till smooth
~ add dried berries and mix well. Refrigerate to chill and divide equally 
According to your mould. Wrap jelly with cheese filling follow by snowskin. Coat with cooked glutinous rice flour and press into mould.

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