4 Aug 2010

Homemade crispy fried soybean crumbs

13-Pound Bulk Premium Soybeans 100% NON-GMO Beans For Soy Milk and Tofuresidue of soybean milk 130grams
soybean paste 5 big spoon
light soy sauce 2 big spoon
sugar 1 big spoon
oil 5 big spoon

Steam the residue of soybean milk for 20 minutes, then heat the wok with oil, put the residue of soybean milk and keep stir fry until it dry and turn into golden brown, add soybean paste and light soy sauce and sugar for seasonings and stir well. After that you can put into container. Please remember keep in refrigerator.

P.s. With this crispy fried soybean crumbs, you can use it for steam fish or meat, stir-fry vegetable or meat.

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