20 Jun 2008

Garlic Sauce (Tzatziki)

At this morning, as usual searching through internet, I found this site with Greek recipes Howaboutsomegreektonight.com. One of appetisers recipe as below:

Garlic Sauce, also known as Tzatziki, (Souvlaki sauce) is a very well loved by anyone who had the pleasure of tasting it. Tzatziki is a cold appetizer that can be eaten with other cold dishes or hot dishes for that matter.

Photo from Howaboutsomegreektonight.com


750 g of strained yogurt
3 garlic cloves crushed or finely chopped
1/4 English cucumber grated and strained
2 tbsp of olive oil
1tbsp of vinegar
½ tsp of salt

Place strained yogurt in a bowl. By continuously stirring add the garlic so it can mix well with the yogurt. Add strained cucumber and gradually add salt, olive oil and vinegar. Keep stirring until all ingredients are mixed well and become a smooth cream.

Place in another bowl and for garnishment, parsley and Kalamata black olive can be used.

Yogurt Dip (Talatturi) - Only in Cypriot Cuisine

Yogurt dip is made exactly the same as the Garlic Sauce (Tzatziki) with the only difference of the dried mint in the dip. It is one of the most loved Cypriot cold dishes, very appetizing and it can be accompanying a main dish.

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