3 Apr 2008

Taco Salad Recipe

By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_T_Pratt]John T Pratt

Everyone loves my Taco Salad and they always want my recipe! I think this is one of the best around - whether you choose the meat or vegetarian version!

We've eaten taco salad since we were kids, and there's just so many good ways to modify this recipe. How I make Taco Salad now is basic and simple and "it works". It's tasty, quick, and fast! Is there room for improvement? I don't think so - I think if you make this recipe "as-is" without modification you'll just love it! The only thing you should have a choice over is what kind of meat to use. The choices for meat are ground chuck, chicken, or fake meat (Morningstar ground meat crumbles substitute).

Taco Salad Recipe Ingredients You'll Need:

1 lb meat (boneless chicken, ground chuck, or Morningstar Vegetarian ground meat crumbles)

Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin - to season meat

1tbsp minced garlic (preferred from a jar)

1 head of lettuce chopped

3 large or 5 medium tomatoes diced

1 medium sweet or red onion (or one bunch diced green onion)

1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (not dip mix)

1 cup milk

1 cup mayonnaise

1 bag Doritos or Restaurant style tortilla chips (crushed)

1 packet shredded colby jack or taco cheese (8 oz)

This is so easy to make, just start your meat cooking on the stove, and cook on med-high for 5 minutes. If using chicken or morningstar you may need some oil in the pan first - just a few table spoons. Once it's cooked 5 minutes add the seasonings which are about 1tbsp chili powder, 2 tbsp Cumin, 1 tbsp garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste, cook another 8-10 minutes or until meat is thoroughly cooked.

The trick to making this Taco Salad Recipe quickly is to get as much done while the meat is cooking as possible. I usually start the meat, and immediately get an extra large mixing bowl (4-6qt) out and all the veggies. While the meat cooks I dice the tomato and lettuce and onion. I toss it all in the bowl with the tbsp of minced garlic and thoroughly mix it up. In a medium bowl mix the cup of milk, cup of mayonnaise and packet of Hidden Valley Ranch - then set aside. Open one end of the tortilla chip bag, and crush the chips up finely (without destroying the bag).

Add the chips and shredded cheese to the bowl with the veggies and mix well again. Add your meat and mix well again. Last add the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and mix well again and you have some easy to make and very tasty Taco Salad!!

I hope you liked this recipe, and I think your family will love it too!

John Pratt usually writes on his blog at [http://www.jtpratt.com]JTPratt's Blogging Mistakes, but his love of cooking always seems to have him writing his best recipes on his daughter's web site [http://www.accordingtokieli.com]Kieil's Handpicked Recipes! If you want to learn how to cook some of the tastiest dishes from scratch, including pizza and bread - be sure to stop by and visit!

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